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Scott crossed armsMy prayer is that the work done here may be a blessing to you and your fellow musicians. So, thanks for visiting! I’m Scott, the host of the Christian Musician Podcast. I’m very excited and working hard to bring you solid actionable info and resources that will help you as a Christian musician in the world and within the church!

I am not the expert but I know many who are and I will bring them to you right here!

In each show (now monthly) I will be delving into exciting topics like:

- Theology
– Songwriting
– Specific instruments like vocals, guitar, drums, and all the rest
– Recording
– Running sound
– Music tech, and so much more!

Often co-hosted with a respected friend of mine, these co-hosts are awesome folks that are skilled, knowledgeable, and available professionals. These are people who are excited to connect and actually help you. They are here for you to learn from and contact. Not people who are too famous or too busy to care about you. So, make sure to subscribe and let’s do this!

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